I’m a fan of continuous learning, and while I also read a lot and learn from the people in my life every day, I take classes on a regular basis.  Below is a list of the courses I’ve taken in the past few years:


Gamification, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

Human-Computer Interaction, Stanford, D-School

Programming Languages (ML, Racket, Ruby), University of Washington

Algorithms: Design & Analysis Part I, Stanford

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute

Crafting Quality Code (Python), University of Toronto

Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations, Vanderbilt University


Introduction to Computer Science (Python)

Web Development (Python, Jinja2, HTML, CSS)

Gonzaga University

(selected courses from MA, Organizational Leadership program)

Organizational Leadership

Methods of Research

Leadership and Imagination

Organizational Ethics

Organizational Communication

Organizational Theory

Leadership and Diversity

Transforming Leadership

Servant Leadership

Leadership, Justice, and Forgiveness

Leadership, Strategy, and Complexity

Golden Gate University

(selected courses from Bachelor’s of Business Administration program)

HR Management

IT Management

Management Policy and Strategy

Manager as Communicator

Operations Management

Organizational Behavior

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