Taglines: Workflowy

The tagline has long been an instrumental tool in a company’s marketing toolbox. Short and sweet, the objective of the message is to draw you in for one purpose or another, be it an attempt at direct persuasion (sales), a catchy phrase that sticks in your head and is easily recalled (brand recognition), or an entertaining or inspiring note that triggers an emotional response or molds your perception of a product, service, or company (brand culture/identity/philosophy).

I personally am most interested in those taglines that convey culture, philosophy, or identity in some way. As humans, we are wired for connection, and though we may normally think about that in terms of connection to other people, we clearly also connect with brands and products. I’m sure you have friends or family members that swear by the make of car they drive or have been members of the Apple cult since Day 1.

As a software geek, I regularly try new products, and like most software users today, there are many things that matter to me beyond the pure function of a given tool. Company philosophy and personality are one of those extras that grow in importance as more and more solutions are created in a given space. The short tagline a company uses to express itself can contribute or detract from the overall image it attempts to put forth. Here’s one I like:

Organize your Brain. — Workflowy.

I wrote a high-level review about how enamored I was with this tool last year, and I still hold a fondness in my heart for Workflowy (even though I hate the name itself). In this case, I like the tagline because it is an utterly simple explanation of why you should use this software. If you’re someone that thinks in lists and outlines and just wants to get things done, you’ll swear by the elegant simplicity of this product. I’ve seen another tagline on their site that I like a bit less. When logged in, you’ll find a short note at the bottom of your screen that says, “Make lists. Not war.” Cute, maybe – but it doesn’t grab me on an emotional level on par with the product itself.

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