Taglines: Pragmatic

In my last couple of posts, I talked about why I liked the tagline that Workflowy uses and the tagline that Xero uses. Today I’ll cover another example I enjoy.

Friends make products. Enemies make documentation. – Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic doesn’t make software, but they promote a framework (and train and certify software people in it) for building and marketing software. Their framework is aligned with Agile, and this tagline is a clear shout-out to the second “value” statement in the Agile Manifesto,

“[we have come to value]: Working software over comprehensive documentation.”

Those of us in the industry that use some version of agile-based processes to create products will immediately identify with this statement – especially those of us that “grew up” in a waterfall environment. So, to that end, this tagline is both entertaining and functional. People that don’t know anything about Pragmatic will at least discern that they rely on an iterative approach to product development and marketing in their framework.

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