Gamification and Human-Computer Interaction on Coursera

courseraI’m a learning junkie, and have just completed my fifth course on Coursera, with three others underway.  Two of the courses I particularly enjoyed were Gamification and Human-Computer Interaction, and both are set to begin their next run in the next few days.  Human-Computer Interaction begins on March 31, and Gamification on April 1.  If you have an interest in developing or refreshing software design skills, I highly recommend both of these courses.  For more on my thoughts on the Gamification course, see this post and this post.  For my previous thoughts on the HCI course, see this post.  I’ve decided to take the HCI course again because I enjoyed the process so much, and have a new product idea that I plan to flesh out in the course.  The HCI course, like many Coursera courses, offers multiple “tracks.”  Last time around, I wasn’t able to devote enough time, so I landed in the Apprentice track, but this time, I hope to make it through the Studio Practicum.  Anyone else that’s taking the course, let me know, and I’ll look for you in the forums.

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